C2C Logistics’ Team Become Finalists in the IWIB

IWIB is a prestigious award, recognising women in local businesses that inspire and advocate growth, keeping customers at the forefront. The C2C Logistics team is elated after having been selected as a finalist for the IWIB Customer Focus Award 2021. It is one of their proud moments for being recognised for their service and for putting their customers at the heart of their business. As a family-owned business founded in 2019, C2C Logistics is thrilled to share this extraordinary journey of Katherine McDonogh and her team, determined and committed towards customer welfare amidst the challenges of a global pandemic.

The Love for Local Community

“Supporting Local Business with International Trade” being the mission of C2C Logistics, Kathy shows immense love for Wollongong, the coastal city where she grew up. Kathy and her husband have spent half of their lives in Sydney, maintaining an extremely high profile throughout their career.

Pursuing a career related to international freights and Logistics, she moved to Sydney almost 30 years ago. But it was her love for the community of Illawarra bringing her back with the confidence to launch a customs broker business in Wollongong, with an unwavering ambition to help local businesses. She also cited the sustainable industrial and trade developments over the recent years in Illawarra, contributing to start a firm of her own. “I want to build a legacy in the Illawarra that ensures a long term, viable Logistics company in our region, so the next generation can have a successful career in Logistics and study an MBA and/or Masters in Supply Chain and Logistics at UOW (University of Wollongong)” says Kathy.

How Is C2C Logistics Customs Brokerage Company Different From Others?

C2C Logistics is the only organically grown, family-owned freight forwarder and customs broker in Illawarra, something in which the C2C team takes a lot of pride. Being a local business itself, supporting other local businesses has helped C2C Logistics stand out from the crowd. “It means a lot to me to be able to circulate funds and resources back into our local economy by collaborating with other locals,” Kathy went on to express her gladness. Her exceeding knowledge about the community, the best and worst, positive and negatives, has helped her drive her passion consistently.

In a profit-seeking world of logistics, Kathy’s tireless commitment to uplift the local economy by educating and supporting the local customers on various trading aspects is commendable. Kathy aims for reliable and sustainable long-term results, starting something basic by going local. It shows her fierce passion for helping the local community by hiring local services, from hiring trucks, stationeries, and products to professional services.

Customer Satisfaction Is All That Matters

Kathy is a highly community-oriented person who did not feel complete with her work-life balance, wanting something deeply involved with the community. That only prompted her to start a career built on her experience and knowledge in customs brokerage to help the locals establish a healthy supply chain management.

Covid 19 has taken a toll on international trade and logistics, causing uncertainty, delay, and increased rates of services and products. The complex overseas shipping policies only aided the situation to additional stress and financial burden. C2C had to quickly come up with strategies to help customers adapt to the overwhelming situation. Meticulously they pinpointed several critical issues and educated their customers to redefine their supply chain model. It is the synergy that enabled Kathy and her team to help strive for their customers through the challenging times. Kathy credits her success to the unsurpassable support her team has earned from customers.


C2C Logistics is wholly driven to benefit and satisfy its customers. If you are looking out for a reliable customs brokerage company in Wollongong, contact C2C Logistics today.